December 1

Genius Hour Reflection

     For my genius hour project, I researched how to make a longboard in real life and I completed the steps through a 3D printing website called SketchUp. The reason I chose this topic was because firstly, I had always wanted to create my own longboard and secondly, I wanted to learn to be more independent in creating a larger project from what I had done before. The question I set out to research was; how do I make a longboard in real life shown through SketchUp as a 3D model?

     I had learned many things from this project but the main things I had taken away from it was better time management, better research skills, and 3-D printing capabilities. Firstly, I learned better time management by making sure that I had enough time with the 3-D printer to print my long board, which takes four hours. Although I ended up not printing because of technical difficulties and because the printed version wasn’t greatly needed for my project, I still learned better time management skills. Secondly, I learned better research skills especially with photos because that is all my slideshow consisted of so I had to make sure I got quality photos from a source I was allowed to use. Thirdly, I learned how to better create 3D printed objects through the hours of trial and error. All in all, I am glad I got to learn all three of these skills to help me out in the future.                                                                                                                                Nate Scott

This skills helped me grow as a student by forcing me to be more productive independently. Many of the problems I ran into with SketchUp did not occur with other people so it was up to me to fix my problems. I had also done a lot of work outside of class as I realized early before the project was due that I would have to put time in out of class in order to complete my project. This all led to help me grow as an independent worker.

What I learned for my genius hour project did not help the world or animals but more of that it famished a curiosity that I had for building a longboard. For a while, I had been always wanting to create a longboard and this project gave me the perfect chance. I guess that my project could benefit the world by creating a resource of how to create a longboard but there are already thousands if not millions of resources just like mine. Ultimately, learning how to create a longboard was more for the benefit of myself rather than the world.

Pavel Prichystal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             What I will learn in the next genius hour will benefit the world by giving people who want to complete their dream of becoming a soccer player a different perspective on how they can complete it. It will also help me by giving me resources and a more knowledgeable perspective on how to become a professional soccer player.


Click here to check out my slideshow on how to build a longboard!

Max Pixel

                                                                                                   Tech Deck


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  1. acgal92d

    Hey Nate!
    My name is Abby! I really liked reading your blog post about 3d printing. I think that it is really cool how you designed and printed something. I think it would be really cool to try that myself. I like your blog, go check out mine
    Have a nice day!

    1. nateisd21 (Post author)

      Hey Abby,
      Thanks for reading my post and commenting. If you need any help with 3-D printing or have any questions just send me a comment asking for help. Excited to go check out your post.


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