May 14

A Liter of Light at Night

    (Magbanua, Jason)

A liter of Light at night is a project that helps under privileged people take the initiative to have easily accessible light in their house so it won´t be dark all the time. Not only does this provide light, but it also saves peoples money by lowering the amount of candles they need to buy.

    (Magbanua, Jason)

The way that this project provides light for people is by using a resource that is available to everyone; plastic water bottles. Using plastic water bottles, water, and bleach, this ¨light¨ is able to refract the suns light making it shine multiple times brighter than the light outside. This affordable light can help light up peoples houses making it easier for them to do whatever work needs to be done.

    (Magbanua, Jason)

This project has already been in affect and been changing lives for many years. I am here to spread awareness about it and I hope you will too. To learn more information on this topic, click here to check out Jason Magbanua´s video where he worked with the Liter of Light Foundation to create a short film on the topic. If you spread awareness of this project on Twitter, please tag me @Nate_Sco so I can shout you out and show others.


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