November 7

Getting to School – SBC Week 5

Whenever I am going to school, I either take my dad’s car, or the bus. If I were to take my dad’s car, it would be because I had to go to school early to meet with a teacher, finish up a project, and other things like that. I would take my dad’s car for this because I would be able to get to school early and have more time to work whereas with the bus I would get to school later because of all the people the bus picks up. If I were to take the bus to school it would mean that I were in no rush to get to school because I didn’t have any reason to be there early.

How do you get to school? You can answer this by clicking the link below to enter my poll. Hope you answer!




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3 thoughts on “Getting to School – SBC Week 5

    1. nateisd21 (Post author)

      Hey Anusha,

      I have never been able to walk to school or ride my bike there because my schools have always been so far from me. I hope one day I can be able to ride my bike or walk to school so I can have a new experience of getting to school.

      Thanks for commenting,


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