May 14

A Liter of Light at Night

    (Magbanua, Jason)

A liter of Light at night is a project that helps under privileged people take the initiative to have easily accessible light in their house so it won´t be dark all the time. Not only does this provide light, but it also saves peoples money by lowering the amount of candles they need to buy.

    (Magbanua, Jason)

The way that this project provides light for people is by using a resource that is available to everyone; plastic water bottles. Using plastic water bottles, water, and bleach, this ¨light¨ is able to refract the suns light making it shine multiple times brighter than the light outside. This affordable light can help light up peoples houses making it easier for them to do whatever work needs to be done.

    (Magbanua, Jason)

This project has already been in affect and been changing lives for many years. I am here to spread awareness about it and I hope you will too. To learn more information on this topic, click here to check out Jason Magbanua´s video where he worked with the Liter of Light Foundation to create a short film on the topic. If you spread awareness of this project on Twitter, please tag me @Nate_Sco so I can shout you out and show others.


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March 29

Genius Hour Reflection #2

Genius Hour:

Nate Scott

Since December, our class has been working on our Genius Hour 2 Assignment. Genius Hour is a class that we have once every two weeks to work on a topic that we find interesting. We turn this into our Genius Hour Project by undergoing research to create a presentation on what we have learned on our topic. My Genius Hour 2 project was on how to make the perfect brownie. I chose to research this assignment so I could eat the perfect brownies anytime I wanted. Also, I figured that learning how to make the perfect brownies could be useful in many situations such as birthdays and just to cheer my family up from time to time.


What I learned:

Nate Scott

Black Haired Man in White Crew Neck T-shirt\


I learned many things from completing this project that varied from cooking in general and responsibility especially in the kitchen. Some of the main things I learned about cooking in general is the effect eggs can have on whatever food or more often dessert you are making. Depending on how you prepare your eggs, it can make your food more cakey, chewy, dense, bigger, smaller, and the list goes on. Another main thing I learned the hard way is that things cook faster in metal pans in comparison to glass pans. This means that 1 to 2 extra minutes in the oven can make a difference from an amazing brownie to a ‘meh’ brownie. This is due to the fact that some people who are used to baking in glass pans, me, may put their brownie in a metal pan for the same amount of time they do a glass pan and will effectively burn their brownie. On the other hand, some main things I learned on responsibility included cleaning up after yourself, putting your full attention and effort into what you are doing while you are doing it, as well as taking things into your own hands. These are important values to know and learn not only in the kitchen but also just as a person in general. Things like putting your dishes in the sink, putting your phone away while cooking, and searching up recipes and instructions online can set up good habits that can benefit your work ethic for school and much more. Unfortunately, my genius hour project does not really help the world because teaching people how to make the perfect brownie is not going to save lives or help someone in great need out. What I will learn in my next genius hour project will benefit the world by either helping someone or something out that is greatly in need, potentially save a life, or provide useful and valuable information to people who need to be educated on a certain matter.


*If you want to check out my Genius Hour 1 project click here, comments are appreciated!*


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January 21

Twitter Connect Reflection

How I started:


For the past month, my technology class has been working on something called the Twitter Connect Assignment. The Twitter Connect Assignment was an assignment where I had to find and follow at least 10 professors, authors, experts, or leaders in my chosen field on Twitter and reach out to them in order to gain valuable information about our topic.

To start off my Twitter Connect Assignment, I decided to research on what it took for a young adolescent to become a professional soccer player. I then decided to follow 10 people who had some involvement in professional soccer whether they were retired soccer players, professional level coaches, or even professional soccer players. I followed these individuals in order for me to gain some firsthand knowledge on professional soccer players and the level they play at. This was due to the fact that I was sure that they would have something to tell me that I would not be able to find online therefore following these certain individuals would gain me valuable information that I could use later on.

Questions that I sent these individuals were also around common mistakes in young players shooting, dribbling, communication, along with the best soccer academy’s, and the differences in the level of soccer internationally for a young soccer player. I asked my questions using Twitter by tweeting these individuals questions such as,”Hello , I have been conducting some research on the lengths one would have to go to become a professional soccer player and was wondering if you could give me some drills that you could do alone to help strengthen my soccer skills”.

An assignment that our Twitter Connect Assignment was supposed to be able to aid us with is called Genius Hour. Genius Hour is a project where you have one class every two weeks to research any topic that interests you and be able to present it in about three months time. Unfortunatley, my Twitter Connect Assignment would not be able to help me because after I had done all my research and work on Twitter, I decided to change my genius hour topic into something completley different.  Therefore, the information I collected from Twitter would not be able to help me with my genius hour project.


Surprisingly, I actually got some very quick responses from some of the individuals but unfortunately not many  followed suit. For this reason I would like to think that my results were pretty good as at least some people replied to me. Although I did indeed continue the conversation with everyone that replied, it was a short conversation because all I really needed was the answer to my original question that I asked them along with maybe one or two other questions. I may use this process in the future for example in college where information from a direct source from certain  individuals could be very valuable and aid me a lot. All in all, I think this project opened up my mind to make me realize different uses of social media that I have never thought about before.


Individuals who replied:



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December 1

Genius Hour Reflection

     For my genius hour project, I researched how to make a longboard in real life and I completed the steps through a 3D printing website called SketchUp. The reason I chose this topic was because firstly, I had always wanted to create my own longboard and secondly, I wanted to learn to be more independent in creating a larger project from what I had done before. The question I set out to research was; how do I make a longboard in real life shown through SketchUp as a 3D model?

     I had learned many things from this project but the main things I had taken away from it was better time management, better research skills, and 3-D printing capabilities. Firstly, I learned better time management by making sure that I had enough time with the 3-D printer to print my long board, which takes four hours. Although I ended up not printing because of technical difficulties and because the printed version wasn’t greatly needed for my project, I still learned better time management skills. Secondly, I learned better research skills especially with photos because that is all my slideshow consisted of so I had to make sure I got quality photos from a source I was allowed to use. Thirdly, I learned how to better create 3D printed objects through the hours of trial and error. All in all, I am glad I got to learn all three of these skills to help me out in the future.                                                                                                                                Nate Scott

This skills helped me grow as a student by forcing me to be more productive independently. Many of the problems I ran into with SketchUp did not occur with other people so it was up to me to fix my problems. I had also done a lot of work outside of class as I realized early before the project was due that I would have to put time in out of class in order to complete my project. This all led to help me grow as an independent worker.

What I learned for my genius hour project did not help the world or animals but more of that it famished a curiosity that I had for building a longboard. For a while, I had been always wanting to create a longboard and this project gave me the perfect chance. I guess that my project could benefit the world by creating a resource of how to create a longboard but there are already thousands if not millions of resources just like mine. Ultimately, learning how to create a longboard was more for the benefit of myself rather than the world.

Pavel Prichystal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             What I will learn in the next genius hour will benefit the world by giving people who want to complete their dream of becoming a soccer player a different perspective on how they can complete it. It will also help me by giving me resources and a more knowledgeable perspective on how to become a professional soccer player.


Click here to check out my slideshow on how to build a longboard!

Max Pixel

                                                                                                   Tech Deck


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November 29

My Commenting Experience – SBCW8

I have had various experiences with commenting throughout the past weeks of the Student Blog Challenge. Some have been enjoyable, others unexciting, and some have been interesting. As a whole, I would say that I definitely did enjoy commenting because of the knowledge and skills I gained from commenting as much as I did.

Some things I have enjoyed about commenting include getting reply’s, getting someone to comment on my post, and reading cool blogs and posts. One thing I enjoyed about getting a reply from one of my comments was firstly, it showed me that someone was actually reading my comment and secondly, I got to meet new people and learn new things about them. A second thing I enjoyed about commenting was getting a comment on one of my posts. Similarly as getting a reply, it also showed me that someone was reading my posts and it made me feel better about the post as someone had taken the time to comment on that specific post. A third thing I gained from commenting was added knowledge and curiosity from reading cool and unique blog posts. It was obvious the amount of time that the creator put into their post because of the interest I had to read it. All in all, with all these elements combined, I gained a better commenting experience.

Some things that have been unexciting about commenting was when I did not get reply’s to my comments and when I saw the amount of page views I had compared to the amount of comments I was getting. Firstly, not getting reply’s to my comments was unexciting because I hoped and would appreciate that if I put in my time to post a comment on someones post I would hope that they would put some time in on the other side to reply to my comment. Secondly, I was disappointing when I saw the number of page views my blog had compared to the amount of comments I was getting which was 40 page views with only 2 comments. In the end, this goes to show that along with the exciting experiences gained from commenting, there are also unexciting experiences to be gained.

One thing that has been interesting with regards to my experience with commenting was my page views to commenting ratio. This was something that I found interesting because why would 40 people come on my blog just to read my posts? Some of my posts have questions on the end so I wondered why no one answered those. What do you guys think? Comment down below if you think there is a better way I can get people to comment on my posts. Thanks!

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November 15

Computer Devices I Use at School – SBC Week 6

Image result for chromebook laptop

At my school, we are given a laptop called a chrome book that we can take anywhere we want but we can only use it for school work. I have done many projects with my chrome book from writing an essay to making a presentation and even creating a poster that I would later print out. Some applications I use frequently on my computer include google drive, gmail, google classroom,  and focus which is my schools grading system app. What about you guys? What type of electronics does your school give you?

*This is in response to Mai Thaos blog post that you can find with the link below*                                                                                                                                                        Karolina Grabowska


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November 7

Getting to School – SBC Week 5

Whenever I am going to school, I either take my dad’s car, or the bus. If I were to take my dad’s car, it would be because I had to go to school early to meet with a teacher, finish up a project, and other things like that. I would take my dad’s car for this because I would be able to get to school early and have more time to work whereas with the bus I would get to school later because of all the people the bus picks up. If I were to take the bus to school it would mean that I were in no rush to get to school because I didn’t have any reason to be there early.

How do you get to school? You can answer this by clicking the link below to enter my poll. Hope you answer!




November 3

My First Time Snowboarding – SBC Week 4

This was a picture of my first time ever snowboarding and to my surprise I did very well! I found snowboarding a very fun but painful experience as I was constantly carving the snow but also losing my balance and falling on my butt at high speeds. I also enjoyed a nice hot cocoa at the end of each snowboarding session to warm me up and to use as a time to relax. Even though I have been skiing for 7 years, I think I am going to switch to snowboarding now because I enjoy change and this change is very fun and different. What do you guys prefer to do, skiing or snowboarding? *Comment below*